Yoga Classes

Beginner Yoga

For those with little or no yoga experience,  this workshop style class reviews basic (Asanas) postures.  You will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a comfortable pace allowing ample time to learn and enjoy each pose.You will learn how to effectively ease pain caused by tension and rigidity, resulting in a body that feels lighter, younger, and more vibrant.  No Previous Experience Necessary

Gentle Yoga

Students are taught that breath and movement are linked together as a way to move the body and quiet the mind.  Unwind as you move mindfully through gently flowing postures and release tension with longer seated Yin & Restorative poses. Students will move slowly, at their own pace gaining strength, flexibiity and improving balance. Extra time and attention are devoted to establishing correct alignment within each posture. This class is designed to give the practitioner a firm and solid foundation. Great for all levels .

 Yoga Flow 

A  Yoga flow class intended for those yogi's who have been practising for a while and looking to take the next step in their practice. A dynamic flow with less instruction in basic postures so we can delve a little deeper into more intermediate postures. Meant to build a balance in strength and flexibility.  Vinyasa Flow is creative sequencing often built around Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations).  A challenging  creative practice in which postures are linked together to develop flexibility, stamina, and total body strength. This class will increase your energy, calm your mind, and strengthen your body.  Previous experience is required.

 Restorative Yoga                 

Restorative Yoga provides healing for the body and mind.  This practise is about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. Prepare yourself for deep relaxation, a meditative class which will help release deeply held tensions in the body and mind.  uses props such as bolsters, blocks, scented eye pillows and blankets to help you hold postures longer. Asanas are supported by props such as bolsters, blockers, scented/non-scented eye pillows and blankets and held for a longer period of time.  Ideal for all levels, including beginners, seniors or people recovering from an injury or disease.   Great for all levels


Chair Yoga 

Anyone that can sit in a chair can benefit from chair yoga; it is suitable for men and women of all abilities and ages, including those with physical limitations or restriction. By providing extra stability, the chair reduces anxiety and makes yoga a safe exercise for most older adults.  Students experience the many benefits of yoga while sitting, leaning or holding onto a chair. Awaken areas of the body, soothe aching joints, strengthen muscles, increase balance and calm the mind with this enjoyable and accessible practice


Pilates Classes

Classical Mat Pilates


Classical Mat Pilates class which focuses on strengthening your abs, back and hips. Start with the basics and get the most of your Pilates Mat Class.  You will learn the fundamentals and proper technique of Pilates mat exercises, focusing on body connections, breathing, alignment and awareness. Learn how to identify your own weakness and imbalances and work with them to restore healthier movement.  This class is great for newcomers to Pilates.  No Previous Experience Required

Other - Snowshoeing


Join us after class as we put on our snow shoes and warm coats and mittens and head out for an hour long snowshoe hike in the fresh air.  Enjoy nature and mingle with friends.  No Cost

Urban Poling Walking Urban Poling  

Urban Poling – also called Nordic walking, or pole walking, combines the aerobic and strength building benefits of cross-country skiing with walking. This full-body, cardio-muscular exercise engages the arms, back, stomach, and legs. This combination promotes circulation, correct breathing, burns 20-40% more calories than regular walking and develops total body coordination and improved posture; all in a dynamic way that is applicable to a healthy lifestyle.